Current Residents

We value your time and want to be able to respond to your questions, concerns or maintenance needs as quickly as we can. You may be able to find the information you are looking for by reviewing the building information material for your location. If you click on your address here and review the content you will find an array of topics covered from building rules to maintenance guidelines, to giving notice on how to dispose of old furniture and electronics.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions or problems please send an email directly to our office and/or contact your building manager whose name will appear in the building information.  If you do not currently have an on site caretaker please direct your calls to our office.

Maintenance requests

If you are having a maintenance problem, please contact your on-site building manager and inform them first of the problem. Next you can submit a maintenance ticket through your Property Matrix portal or email us your maintenance request. Keep in mind it may be easier and more efficient for you to call your on-site manager or the person listed as your building contact, especially if you have a problem after normal business hours or on the weekend. To locate current contact information for your building, open your Move-In Packet below and scroll down to the “Maintenance Emergency Protocol” section.

Move-In Packets


Community Member Resources